Hi! I'm Tom! Thanks for stopping in!

I would love to hear what brought you to this website and what you are doing for the greater good in your part of the world.

I like meeting people and I’d be delighted to have a chance to meet you. Now that we have all become much more familiar and comfortable with video conferencing, please use the link below to schedule a 30-minute “Meet & Greet” with me via Zoom, Google Meet, or phone.

Until we talk, take a few minutes to learn more about me and my work through Tenacious Change and the Tenacious Change Approach.

One more thing…my friend and colleague, Sharna Fabiano, featured me in her podcast and we had an engaging conversation on relational trust. If you’ve got an extra few minutes before our “Meet & Greet,” I hope you’ll get to know me better through this interview.