Core Offerings

Tenacious Change has 28 Core Offerings to strengthen the resilience and skills of individuals and groups to lead progressive change for the greater good. Each is “custom fit” using our Tailoring Process.

Strategic Controversy Management

Training and consultation in managing controversy and transforming conflict in organizations and communities.

Resilience Building

  • Appreciative Resilience Strengthening: Helping People and Groups Achieve High Performance and Success
  • Appreciative Technical Assistance: Building on Individual or Group Best Effort
  • SOARing Without SWOTing: An Appreciative Assessment Approach

Leadership and Followership

  • An Introduction to Impactful Leadership Styles: The Full Range of Leadership and Transformational Leadership Models
  • Courageous Followers: Standing With, and Standing Up, to Our Leaders
  • Courageous Leaders, Courageous Followers: How Leaders and Followers Complement, Support, and Sustain One Another
  • Courageous Leaders: Opening a Way for Followers to Act Courageously

Organizational Resilience and Development

  • Beyond the Needs Assessment Survey: Developing a Deeper Understanding of Community Needs, Wants, and Will
  • Building Your Best Board of Directors: Animating Community Leadership for Your Organization
  • Getting Your Game On: Connecting Organizational Resilience, Culture, and Joy for Program Effectiveness
  • How to Create and Maintain a Community of Practice: Learning to Learn Together
  • Introduction to Resilience Thinking: Getting Ready for the Next Disruption
  • Leading in Disruption: Strengthening Leadership Abilities to Support Organizational Resilience
  • Surviving the Culture Wars: Working for the Greater Good When No One Can Agree on What It Is
  • Welcome to the Culture Wars: How Did We Get Here and What Does It Mean for Community-based and Nonprofit Organizations?

Professional Development

  • Creating Powerful Presentations: Fast, Focused, and Unforgettable
  • Even When You Can…Should You? The Leadership of Everyday Ethics in Professional Work
  • Reading and Understanding Research: Getting the Most Out of Relevant Research for Your Field
  • Self-Care for Sustaining Personal and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Technical Assistance Basics: The Art and Practice of Helping People Become Better at What They Already Do Well

Sustaining Programs

  • A Mindset of Sustainability: Strategic Moves to Ensure Program Continuation
  • The Faces of Philanthropy: Why People Give to Charities and Nonprofits
  • Becoming Indispensable: Achieving Sustainability through Community Engagement and Mobilization

Working Together in Teams and Other Collaborative Work Groups

  • Lessons of Failed Leadership and Followership: The Story of Mann Gulch
  • Strengthening Team Communication: A Group Exercise in Using Dialogue
  • Teaming for Optimal Performance: Moving through the Stages of Team Development to Become a High Performing Team
  • Working Better Together: First Steps in Building Effective Collaborative Partnerships

Don't See What You Need or Want?

Let us know. These engagements have all been created within the last few years. We have others not listed here. Our Tailoring Process means we work with you to create the consultation, training, or workshop you need.

In addition to these Core Offerings, there are several services we offer. Clink on the titles below to learn more: