Consultation, Workshop, & Training Engagements

Tenacious Change has a set of Core Offerings that are adapted and tailored to the specific needs of the audience and client.

After selecting a Core Offering that seems to fit for you, we then talk through several questions with you in our Tailoring Process to co-design the engagement to your needs.

Our Tailoring Process includes, but is not limited to, a focus on these questions:

  1. What is the need you are trying to address with this engagement? What is the issue, topic, content, or action that should be the focus of the content?
  2. What is the context in which this need has been emerging? What has been happening that is making this event a priority? What factors in your community, organization, or system are bringing the need to the forefront?
  3. What is the audience for the engagement? Is it an individual who wishes one-on-one (or small group) capacity strengthening consultation? Is it a group that needs a capacity strengthening workshop or training?
  4. What do you want to be different for the audience as a result of the engagement? Know something new? Adopt a different attitude? Possess new skills? Create a plan or action steps? Feel motivated to do something specific? This helps us develop a set of engagement objectives that fit for you and your audience.
  5. What is your optimal time format for the engagement? The type of engagement informs your answer to this question. Please read “Consultation, Workshop, or Training?” in the sidebar, noting that each has unique time parameters.
  6. What is your preferred mode of delivery? Do you wish your engagement to be virtual in-person or on-site in-person? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our work can now be done virtually via Zoom or Google Meet. However, you may prefer an on-site, in-person event. Be aware that on-site, in-person engagements are more expensive because of travel costs unless these workshops and training engagements are already “bundled” into an existing contract we have with your organization that is inclusive of transportation.
  7. What is your preferred timeline for the engagement? We prefer to have about 60 days to tailor an engagement for you so we can make sure it meets your needs and expectations. Of course, some engagements can be more quickly and easily tailored than others. We will tailor and adapt an engagement for you as quickly as we can, just know we will need some time.
  8. What is your budget for the engagement? Unless your organization already has a consulting contract with us in place that includes these engagements, there will be a cost associated with them. Cost considerations include personnel time for preparation and delivery, materials, delivery expenses (virtual, in-person), and travel (if on-site, in-person, including personnel travel time). For all on-site, in-person engagements, your organization will also be responsible for logistical and meeting room expenses (e.g., meeting room, equipment, food, handouts, etc.). Knowing your budget in advance helps us design an engagement that is affordable and fair to both of us. Please be prepared to discuss the budget with us.

Once we have worked through the Tailoring Process, we can give you an estimate of the cost. Check out our list of Core Offerings. Each is named or sub-titled to provide a general description. Specifics and details are defined through the Tailoring Process.

Consultation, Workshop or Training?

Consultations are ongoing one-on-one or small group capacity building conversations on issues of importance to you or the organization. “Ongoing” means that they take place regularly for as long as needed or desired.

We differentiate between “workshop” and “training” on the basis of time and content.

Workshops are typically 90-minutes to half-day (three hours) in length and address a single topic. They are useful for introducing and informing groups on specific issues, topics, content, and issuing a “call to action” when appropriate. Some workshops can include lite skill and/or strategy development.

Training engagements are typically more than half-day (three hours), up to a full day (six hours), and can even be multiple days. A training event will usually present the same or similar content as a workshop but with the addition of skill and/or strategy building activities. These activities are designed to create greater comfort, confidence, and overall capacity to act, as needed, in relationship to the event topic.

Different workshops can be linked to form a training engagement.

Virtual In-Person or On-Site In-Person Engagement?

We offer all Core Offerings as virtual in-person and on-site in-person engagements by mutual agreement.

What’s the difference between them?

Virtual In-Person

Virtual in-person means conducted live and in real time via Zoom or Google Meet video conferencing

Each participant needs their own computer, camera, headset, and personal space/room to improve the quality of interaction for everyone.

Tenacious Change will provide professional level conferencing software and other add-ons to enhance the learning experience.

On-site In-Person

On-site in-person means we bring the workshop or training to you, and you host it at a location of your choice.

As the host, you provide and cover the cost of on-site meeting expenses (these will be detailed in an engagement agreement).

In addition to presenter fees for preparation and delivery, host also covers travel time and expenses for facilitators/trainers.

Please Take Note

Recording of any workshop or training event (virtual or on-site) is not allowed by anyone for any purpose to ensure open, transparent engagement with and among participants.

Travel costs can add significantly to the cost of these engagements. Choose virtual when you can.

What About Services?

Services are projects that typically take three months to a year or even longer to complete. We have five services we offer to nonprofit organizations (which can include public agencies and other charitable organizations).