Hope is NOT a strategy.

Tired of the way things are in your community or organization?

Things change because someone – even just one person – steps up and creates a movement for change.

If that person is you, we can help. 

We create change movements.

Change that lasts.

Change that benefits the whole (not just a privileged few).

Change that is progressive.

These are the results of intentional change movements which include the voices of those most impacted by the change. 

Creating a Change Movement: Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach helps you take the first steps toward leading ownership-based change in 10 lessons in 6 hours.

10 Lessons.

6 Hours.

Lasting Change.

Individual Lessons: $49 US

Full Course: $390 US

Purchase lessons separately for $49 US each ($490 US total, if all purchased separately). You can buy the full course bundle of 10 lessons all at once for $390 US, a $100 savings.

Tenacious Change was started in 2013 to help people, organizations, and whole communities and systems build progressive change movements for the greater good of all.

The Tenacious Change Approach is an adaptive plan for the journey of community change. It is our research and practice-based framework (aka “pracademic framework”) for creating change movement within organizations, communities, and systems. Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach is our entry level course. It is designed to:

  • Improve your personal practice as a changemaker,
  • Shift mindsets about how change happens, and
  • Introduce the 10 essential principles and core tasks of the Tenacious Change Approach.