A New Change Maker Conversation

Take a few minutes to hang out with Stan Martin of HOPE Buffalo in a new Change Maker Conversation at the Tenacious Change Channel on YouTube.

Stan Martin, MM, of HOPE Buffalo and CAI Global received the 2021 Pay It Forward Award

Stan Martin is a masterful community engager. In this Change Maker Conversation Stan talks with Tom Klaus of Tenacious Change about what it takes to engage the whole community and create meaningful participation in change. Stan is the Buffalo (New York) Office Director and a Senior Trainer for CAI Global. In 2015 Stan returned to his hometown and helped the community launch HOPE Buffalo. Stan tells the story of HOPE Buffalo and talks about what it is like to reconnect with his hometown and build new relationships for the health of the community.

Stan earned his higher education degrees from Stony Brook University (B.A.), where he was also a student athlete, and from the University of Phoenix (Masters of Management). Stan is also a student of experience and brings his experience in community change work to life in this interview.

Jakob Klaus Joins Tenacious Change

Jakob Klaus, MSW, LCSW, Plaid Hound Analysis & Advising, LLC

On December 1, 2021, Jakob Klaus, MSW, LCSW, joined Tenacious Change through his consultancy, Plaid Hound Analysis & Advising. For more than a decade Jakob has been working in social service and social change organizations in the DC/Baltimore area.

He comes to Tenacious Change from his role as a Union Field Representative and Organizer for the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). At AFSCME he gained a reputation as a highly effective negotiator, litigator, adviser, and recruiter. Previously he served as a Regional VP and Shop Steward in the Maryland Social Services Employees Union.

As a social worker he has worked in adult services for the State of Maryland and in private child welfare agencies in Washington, DC. Jakob is a graduate of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. He earned his MSW, with concentration in Social Change, at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, graduating with honors.

Throughout his undergraduate and graduate experience Jakob worked as a research assistant where he developed his love of policy and program analysis and evaluation. His research experience also led to his contributing to several publications, including Using Complexity Theory for Research and Program Evaluationin which he co-authored a chapter on agent-based modeling. Jakob’s decision to join his father, Tom Klaus, at Tenacious Change expands the research, development, and evaluation capacity of the organization for its signature product, the Tenacious Change Approach. You can reach Jakob Klaus via email at jakob@plaidhound.com. Be sure to welcome him aboard!

The Community Change Experience 2022 is coming!

Planning started for this even in late 2019 and then…the pandemic! Finally, we are planning again and we hope you’ll save the date. Program and registration information will be available on the website in early 2022. See you in Florida!?!

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On Trust, Change, and Ownership

I had a lot of positive responses to the recent interview I did with Sharna Fabiano, author of Lead and Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork. While the video has gotten a number of views, viewership is only one way to assess value. More importantly, I have received notes from several people referencing the interview with Sharna.

I am grateful for those responses and so is Sharna.

Recently Sharna and I connected again via video but this time she interviewed me for her Lead and Follow Podcast. It was a lively, fun 48-minute conversation that ran the gamut from followership to relational trust to ownership of change. You can listen to that podcast here.

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If you hear anything in Sharna’s podcast that you’d like to learn more about, you can text me at 240- 583-1754‬ or email me at info@tenaciouschange.us.

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Tango, Teamwork, and Spanish!

One of these things is not like the other…or are they all connected? Hmmmm…

Tango, Teamwork, Leading and Following

Just posted on the Tenacious Change YouTube channel is a new change maker conversation with Sharna Fabiano, MFA. Sharna is an internationally recognized tango artist. She has applied what she has learned and taught about tango to what it means to work in partnership in teams. You’ll enjoy meeting Sharna and the video. Take 39 minutes and 12 seconds to check it out!

Over the past year Tenacious Change has produced several other conversation videos on topics of interest to people working the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. More are in the works but here’s the current list:

Spanish Classes for Individuals and Teams Serving the Latino Community

Tenacious Change has partnered with Charlemos con Clemencia to offer low-cost group Spanish classes to people working to serve the Latino community. Teachers, public health workers, social workers, etc. have been benefiting from these classes now for two years. The Fall Session begins on October 4th but there is plenty of time to register.

Clemencia is Clemencia Vargas, a retired dentist and health disparities researcher and a forever public health enthusiast.  When she retired from the University of Maryland in 2019, she launched into her second career as a Spanish teacher. Her vision and goal with Charlemos con Clemencia is to increase the Spanish speaking capacity of those serving the Latino community. She is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia who has strengthened her language teaching skills through advanced training at major universities in both the United States and Spain.

This is a continuing partnership and not exactly new. Tom Klaus (Tenacious Change) and Clemencia Vargas are married to one another, and they are also ballroom dancers, include tango! Because both are interested in strengthening the capacity of organizations and their leaders to serve the Latino community, they decided to join up in this cause. They know how important it is to equip providers to work wisely, well, and compassionately with the Latino community. Take a look at the following video to learn more about the classes from Clemencia.

Classes for the Fall 2021 Session begin on October 4th. Please visit the Charlemos con Clemencia website to get complete information and register for classes. 

To Learn More about Tenacious Change visit: Tenacious Change: Unlocking the Potential of Collective Change Leadership at www.tenaciouschange.info

To get better acquainted with Tom Klaus, visit www.tomklausphd.com.

The Blog at Tenacious Change

Yep, you’ve arrived! This is the blog for Tenacious Change.

However, this might not be what you were expecting, right? Recently we’ve been doing some “moving around” on the web. A little “hide and seek” but we are not actually trying to hide. You may have been looking for the Tenacious Change Approach or Tom Klaus, the founder and president of Tenacious Change LLC and the developer of the Tenacious Change Approach. For your convenience, here are the links to those sites:

The Tenacious Change Approach: Unlocking the Potential of Collective Change Leadership

Tom Klaus – Where you can learn more about Tom Klaus, his vision and mission, his focus on animating people, organizations, and whole communities to lead change for the greater good.

In the near future you’ll find articles and items related to the Tenacious Change Approach and Tom’s work. For now, though, we are just refreshing and reopening this space.

Stay tuned!