What Is “Tenacious Change”?

Tenacious Change is an understanding that communities, organizations, and systems are in a constant state of change – whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not. They just do it because change happens.

Tenacious Change is all about changing forward from a current state to a better state.

Tenacious Change knows if we want to bring about change, we have to work hard, keep trying no matter what, and be patiently persistent because change takes time.

Tenacious Change is about building relationships and establishing mutual trust as the foundation for creating change.

Tenacious Change is an approach to facilitating ownership-based change toward the greater good through collective change leadership. It can be learned and applied to address a variety of issues that face communities, organizations, and systems.

Tenacious Change is a consultancy based in the Baltimore/Washington corridor on the East Coast of the United States. We work remotely and on-site with clients across North America…and beyond…when the opportunity is presented. We offer the Tenacious Change Approach and a variety of training and consulting services designed to animate people, organizations, communities, and systems to lead change for the greater good.

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What’s New with the Tenacious Change Approach?

Coming September 1! Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach is a short streaming video course. It features 10 interactive videos (each about 20 minutes in length), a reflection and insight journal, and the opportunity for live, virtual engagement with the developer, Tom Klaus. This short course is designed to improve the current practice of people working on community, organizational, or system change. Also, it provides a common language and shared basic foundation for implementation of the Tenacious Change Approach.

The Tenacious Change Approach is designed to help you make lasting change in communities, organizations, communities, and systems through ownership-based change and collective change leadership. The Tenacious Change Approach is used to create a movement for change that brings the whole community together to participate, own, and lead the change.

The Tenacious Change Approach is ever evolving and improving. It has to if it is going to work within dynamic complex adaptive systems like communities and organizations. In 2019 the paper below shared what had been learned in the process of developing the Tenacious Change Approach over the previous several years.

Now, in 2022, we are working on an upgrade. On September 1 we are rolling out new options for learning and implementing the Tenacious Change Approach. You are welcome to download the original paper and you’ll definitely want to check out the 20-minute introductory video to the short course here. You’ll learn about some of the ways we’ve upgraded it. Then, of course, come back here regularly to see what’s new.

If you are anxious to learn more about what is going on and where we’ve been working with the Tenacious Change Approach, check out this page and/or use the link below to schedule a time talk.

Changing Forward: Engagements and Services that Make a Difference for the Greater Good

I am convinced the secret to almost any good thing happening among people is relational trust.

Building relational trust is when fear, animosity, conflict, and the status quo begins to transform into cooperation, equity, respect, inclusion, collaboration, peace, and working together for social change and the greater good of all.

A good day for me is when I can help social profit, nonprofit, and public leaders, their organizations, and their agencies grasp the importance of relational trust, let it guide their decision making, and inform their strategy…especially when their goal includes creating a movement for progressive change.

At Tenacious Change we do not try to do everything, preferring to do a few things with excellence. You can learn more about what these are either of two ways.

First, you can explore them on this website beginning with these links:

Second, you can download this PDF document to read and share with others offline.

Now, before you go, let me ask you three questions:

  1. What is a good day for you?
  2. For your organization or agency?
  3. How can we help you have a lot more good days in the future?

Tom Klaus, PhD

Meet Our Founder

Tom Klaus, PhD

Hey, I’m Tom and thanks for stopping by!

I would love to hear what brought you to this website and what you are doing for the greater good in your part of the world.

I like meeting people and I’d be delighted to have a chance to meet you. Now that we have all become much more familiar and comfortable with video conferencing, please use the link below to schedule a 30-minute “Meet & Greet” with me via Zoom, Google Meet, or phone.

Until we talk, take a few minutes to learn more about me and my work through Tenacious Change and the Tenacious Change Approach.

One more thing…my friend and colleague, Sharna Fabiano, featured me in her podcast recently and we had an engaging conversation on relational trust. If you’ve got an extra few minutes before our “Meet & Greet,” I hope you’ll get to know me better through this interview.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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On September 1, 2022, Tenacious Change will launch a new interactive streaming video course, Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach. Today a 20-minute “sneak preview” video is being launched, besides the 30-second intro video you see here.  The sneak preview video provides an overview of the Tenacious Change Approach and additional information about the …