Work in the Time of COVID-19

Leading Through Crisis: Part 1 and Part 2 Now Available

These blogs and articles were jointly written by five people who specialize in working with nonprofit organizations. It is based on conversations all five have had with their clients and with one another since entering the time of COVID-19 in March. Please download and share this web page with others whom you believe would find the resources helpful.

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Forrest, Cayci, Charles, and Tom are each featured in a video interview with Patrick Jinks. Kudos to Patrick for an excellent job of making us all look good! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more great material. The interviews focus on different topics within the blogs and articles. To watch all four takes a little more than 75 minutes but I think you’ll find find them useful. They are presented in the order they were presnted through the month of April. On May 6th we added a fifth video featuring Madeleine McGee, President of TogetherSC, the statewide association of nonprofit organizations. Madeleleine added to the conversation by providing a wide-angle view of leading through crisis.

Forrest Alton – 1000 Feathers – April 8, 2020
Cayci Banks – 1000 Featehrs – April 15, 2020
Charles Weathers – The Weathers Group – April 22, 2020
Tom Klaus, PhD – Tenacious Change – April 29, 2020
Madeleine McGee – TogetherSC – May 6, 2020
Leading in Crisis: A Group Conversation – This video was recorded on Friday, May 8th. It is included Patrick Jinks, Charles Weathers, Cayci Banks, Tom Klaus, and Forrest Alton, who facilitated it. It is about 50 minutes in length but it moves quickly. Please feel free to share.

Tools from Candid

The following tools were highlighted in a recent free webinar from Candid. Each are useful for understanding how philanthropic funding flows during a disaster.

For Self Care

COVID-19: The CIDRAP Viewpoint

CIDRAP is the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the Academic Research Center at the University of Minnesota. CIDRAP is led by Michael T. Osterholm, a global authority in infectious diseases. His expertise is widely sought by the media so you may have heard or seen him interviewed on NPR, CNN, or one of the major network newscasts. COVID-19: The CIDRAP Viewpoint seeks provide relevant information “with straight talk and clarity” to the public. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been regularly publishing these brief, easy to read and understand publications. We seek to update this list regularly however you can also follow CIDRAP at its website.

Part 1: “The future of the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned from pandemic influenza (Apr 30, 2020)

Part 2: Effective COVID-19 crisis communication (May 6, 2020)

Part 3: “Smart testing for COVID-19 virus and antibodies” (May 20, 2020)

Part 4: “Contact tracing for COVID-19: Assessing needs, using a tailored approach” (Jun 2, 2020)

Part 5: “SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 surveillance: a national framework” (Jul 9, 2020)

The Health Footprint of Pandemic

Victor Tseng (@VectorSting) is a physician at a VA hospital in Georgia. He has created a graphic on the “Health Footprint of Pandemic” that is worth examining and absorbing. It helps us understand that impacts of the pandemic are far reaching over time.

This illustration is from Victor Tseng, MD. It appears to have been originally posted on his Twitter feed – @VectorSting

There is also a brief interview from a local news program, featuring another doctor, that uses this illustration and describes it more fully.


Dialogue4Health is a platform for sharing and learning about public health innovations and best practices. Its Web Forums (webinars) connect those working in public health with stakeholders in other sectors who have the power to deeply influence health outcomes. Many of their Web Forum are free but you need to sign up early because they fill up quickly. For exampl, the upcoming one on May 6th on Mental Health and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Complicates Current Gaps in Care and What Can Be Done is already full. Bookmark the Dialogue4Health website you can quickly and easy get their to learn about their upcoming Web Forums. Also, you can sign up to receive notices of upcoming Web Forums.

Other Useful COVID-19 Related Links for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Quarterly: Seeking Forgiveness for a Paycheck Protection Program Loan (Webinar)

Harvard Business Review: The Psychology Behind Effective Crisis Leadership This appears to be free to read online but if you wish to distribute as a PDF, there is some cost.

Nonprofit Quarterly: How Nonprofits Can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19

National Council of Nonprofits: Federal Coronavirus Relief Bills-What Do They Mean for Nonprofits

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: More U.S. Companies and Foundations Mobilize for COVID-19 Relief Efforts (Coronavirus Grants Roundup)

BoardSource: How Nonprofits and Board Members Can Respond to COVID-19

FEMA: Conronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Private Nonprofit Organizations

Georgia Center for Nonprofits: Nonprofit Guide to COVID-19 Planning

Nonprofit Risk Management Center: COVID-19: 5 Things to Know and Do

Maryland Nonprofits: COVID-19: What Nonprofits Need to Know About Coronavirus

Independent Sector: Information on COVID-19

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