Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk: A Thought Provoking 19 Minutes

Several times over the past few days Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk “The Way We Think about Charity is Dead Wrong” has repeatedly popped up and I finally took a look.  It is well worth the nearly 19 minutes it takes to watch it. Dan makes a strong argument for freeing non-profits from some of the … Read more

When Collective Impact Isn’t – Part 1

When is a community change movement using the Collective Impact framework and when is it using the framework in name only but doing “business as usual?”  This was a hot topic at the Champions for Change meeting of backbone organization leaders in Cincinnati on March 6-8 and appropriately so given the growing attention of funders.  … Read more

How to Sustain Good Work without Fundraising

“I’ve raised over $100 million without asking for money.”  When Paul Born dropped that little gem, it really refocused my wandering attention.  Paul is Co-Founder and President of Tamarack-An Institute for Community Engagement in Canada.  As I listened more closely, I would hear Paul confirm in his stories what my research over the past couple … Read more

The Underpinnings of Collective Impact

Collective Impact is an evidence-based framework for creating and sustaining social change in a community.  It is not a formula.  It is not a program.  It is not even a plan.  This is one of the most important things to understand about Collective Impact: it is a framework or, in the words of Merriam-Webster, it … Read more

Collective Impact and Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The Collective Impact framework (first introduced in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in January has certainly captured the attention of the nonprofit world.  On September 25, a webinar was hosted by FSG, the drivers of the Collective Impact (CI) framework movement.  The webinar focused on introducing funders to CI and over 300 people attended.  Among … Read more

Welcome to the NP Clinic!

Welcome to the Non-Profit GP! My entire career has been spent in leadership of small non-profit organizations.  By small, I mean less than (way less than) 50 staff members. This blog has been started to be a first stop for help, a primary care clinic if you will, for leaders of small non-profit and third … Read more

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