I have decided to engage in a bit of suspension. I do not mean suspension in the musical or chemical sense, nor do I mean it in the sense of being prevented from playing a sport or stopping something. I mean it in the sense that Edgar Schein uses it as a technique for dialogue. … Read more Suspension

Coming November 3: The Great American Character Test

Elections say more about the electorate than the candidate. Since casting my first presidential vote in 1972 I have become more convinced of this over time. If I had any doubt left, the U.S. presidential election campaign of 2020 has erased it. The American people know who Donald Trump and Joe Biden are. I am … Read more Coming November 3: The Great American Character Test

What Trump Knew and When He Knew It

What did Trump know about the Coronavirus? It was the “biggest national security threat“ of his presidency and far worse than anyone imagined. When did he know it? January 28, 2020 Why did he not speak up then? “I wanted to always play it down,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Woodward on March 19. “I still … Read more What Trump Knew and When He Knew It

On Social Science Research

“Research” is a funny animal. What passes as social science research can be fascinating, funny, tragic, or maddening depending on its quality and presentation. To ensure high quality, there are standards researchers are ethically bound to observe which serve as guardrails to ensure they do not fly off track into the abyss of speculation.  One … Read more On Social Science Research

It Feels Like Raindrops

True story…when I was in junior high school, my mother mentally prepared me to serve in the Vietnam War by playing Barry Sadler’s “Ballad of the Green Beret” each morning to wake me up for school. She made a point of regularly telling me how proud she would be if I became a Green Beret. … Read more It Feels Like Raindrops

What If It Is A Bad Bet?

Trump just moved from the dollar slots to the high stakes tables in the casino of American lives. This morning I am running an updated post on collaboration I wrote and posted first in 2016 titled “How’s Your Collaborative Posture?” However, it would not seem right to run this piece without mentioning one of the … Read more What If It Is A Bad Bet?

From “Buy-In” to Ownership

But First… Keep your eyes on Kenosha, Wisconsin today. Trump’s photo op in front of the church near the White House in DC was only a warm up for today. Today he arrives in that city with military might at his side after sending in the National Guard. Few people, mostly those surrounding Trump, think … Read more From “Buy-In” to Ownership

The Whole of Us

When I was growing up in Morning Sun, Iowa (population always less than 1,000) my family attended the United Methodist Church. In my childhood I was a regular attender at Sunday School. The Sunday School hour began each week with singing. We would all sit on chairs in a semi-circle around the song leader and … Read more The Whole of Us

A Little More Normalcy

Not that anything in the world is very normal. Honestly, on the whole, I am not sure that is a bad thing. Change is hard anytime it happens. When the change is sudden and large, it is even more difficult. Change is another word for opportunity, if we will look forward rather than back. Recently … Read more A Little More Normalcy

A Nod to Normalcy in the Midst of Chaos

If you have only recently begun reading this blog you probably think that much of my time is spent thinking and writing about Trump and politics. I can forgive you for that error. During this age of the COVID-19 pandemic and the incredible incompetence, perhaps even malice, of Trump, he has consumed a fair share … Read more A Nod to Normalcy in the Midst of Chaos

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