The Tenacious Change Approach

Change is a threat when done to me, but an opportunity when done by me.

Rosabeth Moss-Kanter

The Tenacious Change Approach is a set of operating principles for inclusive, broad-based collective change leadership. It offers a way to organize and catalyze the work of leading change for long-lasting impact in communities, organizations, and whole systems. The Tenacious Change Approach was created through research, testing, and the practical experience of its developers. It draws on the insights of FSG’s collective impact and extends Tamarack Institutes’ Collective Impact 3.0 yet stands apart in its contribution to the field of community, organization, and system change. Additional information, training, tools, and consultation are available upon request.

Download and read the white paper: The Tenacious Change Approach: Unlocking the Potential of Collective Change Leadership