Talent Management Planning

Organizations are only as good as their people. Outstanding organizations are those that get the best prepared people and place them in the best position to use their best talents. Then outstanding organizations do their best to continue developing the talent of their people and provide the best opportunities and benefits for them they can. When an organization does talent management well, it builds a healthy culture, retains staff, and excels in its work. It does its best work!

Talent Management Planning helps an organization align its organizational leadership and staffing processes and structure with its strategic priorities and goals, and supports its growth, sustainability, and strategic advantage. When a talent management plan is successful, organizational leadership will be able to:

  • Confidently operationalize and empower a leadership structure that is informed by and reflects best, emerging, and better practices in nonprofit leadership and is a best fit for the vision, mission, brand, and strategic goals of the organization.
  • Confidently enact a talent management strategy that recruits, develops, evaluates, supports, and retains a high-quality cadre of staff members at all levels who are committed to the vision, mission, brand, and strategic goals of the organization.

We can help you create a talent management plan if you do not have one or assess and help you strengthen your existing plan through four phases:

  1. Conducting Needs and Assets Assessment and Analysis of current leadership and staffing structure and talent management approach.
  2. Researching and Recommending leadership structures and talent management approaches to address the needs and leverage the assets identified in the first phase.
  3. Co-Designing and Planning for Implementation, with the organization, the talent management strategy to be deployed.
  4. Strategy Implementation: Tool and Plan Deployment, which includes identifying and tailoring talent management protocols, tactics, and tools as well assisting and supporting the organization in deployment and implementation.