Resources from “Community Mobilization for Community Change” – May, 2016 – Denver and DC


Thanks so much for joining me in Denver, CO (May 17 & 18) or Washington, DC (May 23 & 24)  for “Community Mobilization for Community Change.” It was both an honor and a pleasure to meet you and work with you during these two events.

As promised, I’m providing access on this page of my website to the slides, folder materials, and handouts from the training event (see categories at the end of this introductory note). I hope you find them useful in your efforts to implement your Office of Adolescent Health grant program generally, and, specifically, in your work with your Community Advisory Groups (CAG) and the Youth Leadership Councils (YLC). In your use of the materials, I merely ask that you honor the copyrights and give credit where credit is due, whether the materials are those I have created or whether they have been developed by someone else.

In addition to these materials, I’m also including the “Ask Me About” responses from both events and the article published earlier this year by Dr. Ed Saunders and me on the use of “Collective Impact” in community wide teen pregnancy prevention programs. The article introduces two innovations. First, the “Roots to Fruit of Sustainable Community Change Model” which incorporates the Stages of Community Transition from the Community Mobilization Impacts. Second, the “Continuous System Learning and Improvement Survey” for monitoring and assessing the ongoing community change efforts led by community collaborations and coalitions.

Several folks also asked how we can stay in touch and requested more information about my work, including work in the field of teen pregnancy prevention. For your convenience, I’ve included direct links that respond to how we can stay in touch and about more of my work.

Finally, I also published a new blog that featured some photos and video from the training events. If you have a minute, I hope you’ll check it out here.

Staying In Touch: You can connect with me through a variety of social media including, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,, and you can follow my blog. If you want to talk, call me at 240-319-8525 and my Skype identity is tw.klaus. You can also join my mailing list to receive a periodic e-newsletter from me.

About My Work: My website (which you are currently on) has a lot of information about the work I do, how I approach it, and how I work with people and groups. I often do much of the work myself but I do have a group of people I can call upon (the “Associates” of Tom Klaus & Associates) when I need assistance or expertise I do not possess. This year I have been doing a “soft launch” of a new initiative called Tenacious Change that is based in the Roots to Fruit model which has grown out of my work in the field of teen pregnancy prevention. Several specific training events are linked directly to the Tenacious Change initiative.

Again, thank you for joining me in Denver or DC. I hope to see you again soon!



Materials from Denver and DC Training Events

  1. Ask Me About Responses: Denver – Ask Me About and DC – Ask Me About
  2. Klaus & Saunders – 2016 – Using Collective Impact in Support of Communitywide Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives 

Slides: Community Mobilization for Community Change

Folder Materials & Handouts:

  1. Top 100 Partners Exercise
  2. Quick Consensus Model
  3. Fist to Five Consensus Building
  4. Sorting Matrix – Top 100 Partners Exercise
  5. Crafting a Compelling Invitation
  6. Interest & Invitation Conversation
  7. Community Mobilization Impacts
  8. Community Mobilization Activities List
  9. Community Mobilization Activities Selection Tool
  10. Community Mobilization Planning Grid
  11. Post-Meeting Debrief
  12. Appreciative 4 Corners
  13. Periodic Review





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