Organizational Study and Analysis

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You don’t know what you have until you look, right?

An organizational study is intended to provide a closer look at the various components that need to come together to make the whole organization work well. There are five stages in our organizational study and analysis process. These include:

  1. Environmental Scan: The environmental scan identifies and analyzes the external context in which the organization functions.
  2. Internal Analysis: Assessment of the key assets, resources, and capabilities of the organization upon which to build successful strategies.
  3. Strategies Analysis: Identification of strategies the organization can use to create or maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, which for nonprofits often means consistently delivering high quality services over the long-term.
  4. Implementation Identification and Recommendations: Identification and recommendation of objectives to set and actions to take for the organization to align with its vision and mission and to achieve its strategic goals.
  5. Leadership, Structure, and Culture Review and Recommendations: Identification and recommendation of an optimal role for the organization’s leadership, structure, and culture for supporting implementation of the recommendations emerging from the analysis.