Preparing for Controversy in the Fog of (Culture) War

Watch this 85-second trailer or click on the button/bar below to start viewing the full seminar. 

Our April 2023 live seminar is now on film! 

It’s exciting! It’s fun! It’s real!

Well, no, it is not filled with explosions, car chases, or Hollywood stars…but it does feature a lot of useful information for people in communities and organizations facing controversy and conflict in the midst of change. Whether you are trying to introduce a new policy or practice in an organization or a new program, this video can help. 

Our attempt to tape the April seminar failed miserably so we returned to our virtual studio to make this video. It is only 40 minutes long, but it includes some material we did not get a chance to include in the live seminar. 

Click on the red button/bar above. You’ll be take to our guestbook where you can sign in and then access the full video PLUS some free resources you can download. 

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