The TRIBE Guarantee

All of our services are backed up by our TRIBE Guarantee.

TRIBE is an acronym for:

Tailored Consultation

You do not have to convince us that your situation is unique. We got it. No two leaders or organizations face the same circumstances because each exists in a unique context. For this reason, we tailor our services for your organization and the context in which it is working in the current moment.

Relational Trust

Trust is about far more than simply honesty or truth-telling. It is about congruence, consistency, reliability, and follow through. Mutual trust is first established through an individual connection but it is maintained by doing what we say we will do with care and quality.

Individual Connection

You can expect a personal connection with your consultant, whether it is Tom Klaus himself or one of his associates. You will have direct access. You do not have to worry about your project being handed off to another consultant and, if it does need to be passed to someone else, you will be consulted in advance.

Best Effort

You will always get our very best effort. If we say we can do it, it is because we also believe we can do it with high quality. We will not fake it. If we do not have the skills and competencies needed for your task or project, we will help you find someone who does.

Exemplary Professionals

The people who provide services through Tenacious Change LLC are exemplary professionals who are uniquely qualified by both their experience and training. All of our associates have been trained at the masters or doctoral levels in their field. Each is seasoned by deep experience in their fields and has earned a reputation for quality work and respect among their colleagues in the field. 

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