Evaluation Research

What do you want to evaluate?

We can help you find practical answers to some of your most perplexing questions. Whether you want to develop a new program; improve a process; increase the effectiveness of a project; or build a better team, staff, or organization, our researchers have the expertise and tools to help. We can help you measure outcomes. We can help you obtain and assess information that will help you improve your efforts.

Each of our researchers has unique expertise and deep experience within their disciplines – social work, public health, sociology, epidemiology, and program, organizational and leadership development. Their skills have been used to assess projects and organizations focused on a wide variety of social work and public health issues and initiatives: teen pregnancy prevention; pregnant and parenting teens; substance abuse treatment for mothers and children; chemically-exposed infants; adolescent health; school-based clinics; persons with disabilities; health and mental across the lifespan; impact of social policies on older adults and marginalized groups; awareness of diversity, privilege, and social justice issues among social work students and teachers; oral health disparities; and hypertension and heart disease among Black and Latino populations. In addition, our researchers have assessed a variety of organizational issues including: organizational readiness and capacity to implement evidence-based programs; board, leadership, and staff capacity and competencies; organizational processes; leadership style and management style; organizational effectiveness in community engagement; coalition and collaboration functioning; and project and organizational sustainability.

As a team they offer an array of competencies:

  • qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research
  • evaluation planning
  • instrument development
  • data analysis
  • expertise with a variety of statistical and qualitative data analysis software
  • writing and reporting
  • Bi-cultural, bi-lingual in Spanish
  • formative research, including: assessing needs (needs assessment) both qualitatively and quantitatively; determining whether evaluation is feasible; defining the program, population, and possible outcomes; implementation monitoring and assessment; and, assessing processes (process evaluation)
  • summative research, including: outcome evaluations; impact evaluation; secondary analysis; and, meta-analysis

Our researchers work effectively cross-culturally and in collaboration with stakeholders and study participants through an appreciative participatory approach. At every step of the evaluation planning phase and implementation phase, our researchers work consultatively with clients and stakeholders to  conduct the evaluation respectfully and with high-quality to ensure it produces practical and useful information.

For more information about our evaluation services, email info@tenaciouschange.us.

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