Developmental Evaluation

Our developmental evaluation services are for the purpose of improvement. Cameron Norman’s definition of developmental evaluation resonates with us. We add to it, though, by expanding on Norman’s term “activities of a program” to include more than just programs.

For us, developmental evaluation is about helping people, groups, programs, services, projects, initiatives, organizations, and movements improve their overall efforts for the greater good. When groups and organizations improve how they do their work, they are more likely to achieve their mission and goals.

Our developmental evaluation services include:

    • Performance measurement (people, programs, services, and projects)
    • Staff and employee engagement assessment
    • Program impact evaluation
    • Movement-building assessment and monitoring (using the proprietary Tenacious Change Assessment and Monitoring tool, aka TCAM) 

All evaluation tools are tailored and have the purpose of informing client’s efforts to improve their overall impact.