Aren’t We All?

There is little in the news that makes me laugh these days. Occasionally, though, I’m surprised. Yesterday morning was one of those occasions. I read a headline from The Washington Post that did it for me. Then it made me pause and think, “Hmmm, aren’t we all?” I think you’ll know what I mean when … Read more

With Appreciation

This week we watched the 33rd Hispanic Heritage Awards on PBS. I usually avoid award shows like…well…the coronavirus. However, being married to a proud Colombian who has made amazing contributions to her adopted country, it seemed appropriate (and wise) to set aside my disdain for award shows and tune in. Besides, it was only an … Read more

“Hopefully it Won’t Take Terribly Long”

The U.S. political conventions are as inescapable as the pandemic for two weeks. We are halfway through. The Democratic Party had its convention virtually and the Republican Party is having its virusly…I mean…not quite virtually. The GOP, at Trump’s urging and likely insistence, is still bringing together about 500 people (over 300 of which are … Read more

Just a Few of My Friends

I am blessed to have a very diverse group of friends and acquaintances. Racially my friends are various hues of Black, White, and Brown. Culturally and ethnically they are African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Eastern European, East Indian, Northern European, Caribbean, Latin American, Native American, North American, and, (with tongue in cheek) Midwestern – like me! … Read more

Jumpers for Penguins?

A Tutorial on Fact Checking In a world of “fake news” and “alternative facts” it is a good idea to know more about the process of getting to the actual facts in story. This is especially true as we are now running head-on into the presidential election. Facts, fiction, and outright falsehoods will be coming … Read more

Just a Little Bit of Therapy (of Fun)

It’s back! Just 1 Story Podcast Earlier this week I relaunched the Just 1 Story podcast that I started in 2018. You may have noticed it passing through your inbox yesterday and Wednesday. When you get a chance, check it out. I’m hoping to be adding to the podcast regularly over the next few months … Read more

My Survival Guide to Electioneering

It’s coming…and it will bring relief, at least temporarily. You know what it is: the U.S. general election on November 3, 2020. Until we get there, we have to survive the electioneering. You know what that is like: endless robocalls, a plethora of media advertising, pundits jabbering and nodding their heads like possessed bobbleheads, and … Read more

July 23, 2020 – Magicicadas and Pingüinos

how do they do that? Summer is a curious time. It’s not my favorite time because I prefer cool weather over hot weather and, wow, is it hot right now. I’ve been a very fair skinned guy all of my life so when I spend too much time in the sun, I begin looking like … Read more

July 2, 2020 – Deciders and Doers

Today I had two very interesting conversations with people. The first occurred at the end of a round of golf. The second occurred at the end of the day. Both have put me in a reflective mood. deciders and doers Today I was at the golf course at 5:45 AM because it is the best … Read more

June 28, 2020 – The American Crowbar Case: Huh?

Today is June 28, 2020, which is also International Body Piercing Day and the birthday of Jim Ward. The two are not unrelated. Jim Ward was reportedly the first person to open a body piercing studio in California in 1978. The day was established to celebrate his many contributions to the field of body piercing … Read more

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