After listening to George Lakey’s webinar, What to Do if There is a Coup?, I found myself checking out some of his other videos and his books. I wrote about this in my last blog “Suspension” and shared a couple of other brief videos. In looking over the books he has written or contributed to, … Read more

Just a Few of My Friends

I am blessed to have a very diverse group of friends and acquaintances. Racially my friends are various hues of Black, White, and Brown. Culturally and ethnically they are African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Eastern European, East Indian, Northern European, Caribbean, Latin American, Native American, North American, and, (with tongue in cheek) Midwestern – like me! … Read more

Jumpers for Penguins?

A Tutorial on Fact Checking In a world of “fake news” and “alternative facts” it is a good idea to know more about the process of getting to the actual facts in story. This is especially true as we are now running head-on into the presidential election. Facts, fiction, and outright falsehoods will be coming … Read more

The Third Thing*

The axiom says the three topics one should avoid in conversation are money, politics, and religion. Of course, the settings for said discussions may vary according to whom is enforcing it. I have heard that it pertains to: discussions with family; discussions at the dinner table, regardless of who is at the table; discussions at … Read more

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