A Different Holiday Greeting for a “Different” Year

New Post on TheDailyDrivel.com If you are looking for the Daily Drivel, remember it has moved to TheDailyDrivel.com. A new post for a wee bit of holiday fun can be found there. Hey, while you are there, sign up to get an email whenever a new post appears in TheDailyDrivel.com, just to make sure you … Read more

Don’t Forget…the Daily Drivel has moved!

Just a reminder that the Daily Drivel is now TheDailyDrivel.com and it has moved to…well…TheDailyDrivel.com, its own blog site. And today there is a new posting. Today is a big anniversary day. Yes, it is the 79th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is the 40th anniversary of another event to which I … Read more

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