With Appreciation

This week we watched the 33rd Hispanic Heritage Awards on PBS. I usually avoid award shows like…well…the coronavirus. However, being married to a proud Colombian who has made amazing contributions to her adopted country, it seemed appropriate (and wise) to set aside my disdain for award shows and tune in. Besides, it was only an … Read more

On Working More Productively from Home

Where do you work most productively? In the office? At home? At your local coffee shop? In a crowd? There was a time when I was most productive amid a crowd. Sometimes I would go to a busy mall, sit down on a bench or in a chair, open my laptop, and go to work. … Read more

What Trump Knew and When He Knew It

What did Trump know about the Coronavirus? It was the “biggest national security threat“ of his presidency and far worse than anyone imagined. When did he know it? January 28, 2020 Why did he not speak up then? “I wanted to always play it down,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Woodward on March 19. “I still … Read more

“Hopefully it Won’t Take Terribly Long”

The U.S. political conventions are as inescapable as the pandemic for two weeks. We are halfway through. The Democratic Party had its convention virtually and the Republican Party is having its virusly…I mean…not quite virtually. The GOP, at Trump’s urging and likely insistence, is still bringing together about 500 people (over 300 of which are … Read more

When Is It Worth the Risk?

check out “american rehab” Reveal is a podcast from the Center for Investigative Reporting. Until recently the podcast has featured only free-standing, individual episodes. I have found them to be interesting. Often I have been left wanting even more information. Last Winter and Spring Reveal was slated to offer its first-of-a-kind series but it was … Read more

M.I.A. and at the 19th Hole

A BLM Protester & KKK Member went to a BBQ… No, that’s actually NOT the opening line of a weird joke. It almost happened this past weekend in Zinc, Arkansas. A group of Black Lives Matter protesters showed up in Zinc to protest near the home of Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Ku … Read more

July 21, 2020 – An Audience of One

minimalist strategy planning Last week I had to turn down a potential client who wanted me to lead a strategic planning process. It’s not that I didn’t like the client or that I’m work adverse. It just didn’t feel right ethically. A strategy plan is developed in relationship to the context in which an organization … Read more

July 13, 2020 – News and Info You May Have Missed

Stories of covid-19 So, how is the battle against the Novel Cornavirus going? According to the data, as of yesterday at 2:12 PM, it’s going just GREAT if you are trying to kill off a lot of people in the U.S. Sometimes I wonder if that isn’t the point of Trump’s inaction. Maybe he wins … Read more

June 7, 2020 – Hard Choices

hard choices Clemencia and I, like many of you, have been making many difficult decisions over the past few months of the pandemic. You’ve probably noticed too that they aren’t getting any easier. Recently we’ve been facing the decision of how much to go back out into the world. In our state, Maryland, the positivity … Read more

July 6, 2020 – An Untold Grief

in the words of frederick douglass On July 5, 1852 Frederick Douglass delivered a speech in Rochester, New York titled What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? This year National Public Radio gathered several descendants of Frederick Douglass and asked them to read excerpts of his famous speech. Below the video you can … Read more

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