Change can’t be left to chance.

Tom Klaus, PhD, Founder & President, Tenacious Change

Change that lasts, change that benefits the whole (not just a privileged few), change that is progressive is the result of intentional change movements which include the voices of those most impacted by the change. In 2013 I started Tenacious Change to help people, organizations, and whole communities and systems build progressive change movements for the greater good of all. For my entire career I have been involved in this work. Tenacious Change is a vehicle for teaching and training others in what I have learned so far and supporting them in their own change work. And it is more.

Tenacious Change is also…

  • A mindset and understanding that communities, organizations, and systems are in a constant state of change – whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not.
  • About creating movements for progressive change – changing forward – from a current state to a better state.
  • The demanding work of patiently persisting because change takes time.
  • About building relationships and establishing mutual trust as the foundation for creating change movements.
  • An approach – or journey, if you will – that requires adopting key mindsets, embracing essential principles, and engaging in the core tasks of change.
  • A strategy that can be learned and used with organizations, communities, and systems.
  • A means of facilitating ownership-based change toward the greater progressive good through collective change leadership.
  • A set of tools – adaptive strategy planning, talent management planning, organizational resilience and development, developmental evaluation, and the Tenacious Change Approach – to support change and prevent “snapping back” to the way things were before.
  • A consultancy working remotely and on-site with clients across North America…and beyond.
  • A variety of training and consulting services designed to animate people, organizations, communities, and systems to lead change for the greater good.

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