Take a Breath

October 4, 2023 – Approximate Read Time: ~5 minutes

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Notice how people tell us to “take a breath” when they think we need it? Right now, we are telling ourselves at Tenacious Change to take a breath as Summer transitions into Fall.  

While we take that breath, we are also going to finalize our move to Substack. You can get a jumpstart by subscribing to Change It Up! on Substack. If you check us out there now, something will look familiar. We are re-printing The Practice of Leadership in the Midst Controversy and Conflict series to introduce ourselves to the Substack universe. Beginning on October 25th we plan to start a four- or five- part series on organizational and community resilience. Initially you’ll find it in all three spaces where we post: Substack, these weekly MailChimp emails, and on our website. Once we let go of our MailChimp account, Change It Up! will only be on Substack and our website.

Way back in January we mentioned that 2023 was the 10th birthday of our consultancy. Then we got really busy and didn’t take time to celebrate the event. As we are now in the final months of this anniversary year, we want to take a breath over the next three weeks to highlight some of the changes this 10th year has brought. This week, we’re going to mention three.

First, speaking of Change It Up!, that is the new name for our weekly newsletter. We changed the name because we were visualizing how our newsletter would appear on Substack and because we wanted the newsletter name to reflect the nature of our work with organizations, voluntary groups, and communities. The reality of change is that it is a constant (that’s what Tenacious Change means, by the way). We can’t stop change. We can only manage it and that is a big part of what we offer our clients at Tenacious Change – help with managing change.

Also, we recently introduced a podcast, Getting to Third Space with Lamar & Tom. The podcast is about managing change through genuine dialogue and conversation, particularly on subjects and issues which often divide people. Durable change only happens when people work together, even if they don’t always agree. Lamar Roth and Tom Klaus have been organizational leaders throughout their careers. One of the first lessons either learned was nothing changes without a movement of people and that dialogue and conversation creates the bonds of that movement. Lamar & Tom have a friendship that is decades old. They have been friends through the good times, the bad times, and the tough times of each other’s lives. In all of this, they have learned how to have the conversations that were needed for each time. Now, on this podcast, they are revealing the lessons they’ve learned together hoping those can help you facilitate change in your world. And, oh, each has a wicked sense of humor, so it also fun!

Getting to Third Space with Lamar & Tom is now available on six podcast platforms: Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, and, if you want to watch the podcast, on YouTube Podcasts. Check it out and be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform so you can be alerted to new episodes. If you have something you’d like Lamar and Tom to discuss, or even if you have feedback, you can send them a voicemail via Spotify. You can also email them directly at lamar.3rdspace@gmail.com or tom.3rdspace@gmail.com.

Finally, in 2023, for the first time in three years, the Tenacious Change staff have been back on the road with clients. This year we’ve been to Mississippi and Texas with four different clients. In fact, next week, Tom Klaus, our founding partner, is back in Texas at the annual grantee meeting of the Well-Being in Rural Communities project, funded by the Hogg Foundation at the University of Texas, Austin. He’ll be leading two plenary workshops and have one-on-one meetings with grantees. He’ll also be eating some great TexMex food!

Next week we’ll tell you about more highlights from this 10th year.

In each episode, Lamar and Tom carve out a Third Space where everything can be on the table for open, straightforward, honest, and, yet kind and respectful, inquiry.  Getting to Third Space with Lamar & Tom is now available on four podcast platforms: Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube Podcasts (if you want to watch them do the podcast).

Episode 3 coming soon!

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