Let’s Get to Third Space!

September 20, 2023 – Approximate Read Time: ~4 minutes

Image by Tom Klaus

Preparing for and managing controversy has been a common theme in our posts for the past several weeks and months. Now we’ve taken a bold step forward by launching a podcast about how to talk with one another when talking isn’t easy.

Getting to Third Space with Lamar & Tom features conversations between two former clergy, former counselors, and lifelong friends. Lamar Roth and Tom Klaus explore how to get to a Third Space – a space where two or more people with opposing viewpoints, ideologies, and worldviews can come together to hear, listen, share, and connect with one another. In this podcast, Lamar and Tom carve out a Third Space where everything can be on the table for open, straightforward, honest, and, yet kind and respectful, inquiry.  

You’ve probably noticed, as we have, that getting to Third Space has proven increasingly difficult over the past few years. 

The idea for Getting to Third Space with Lamar & Tom was planted during the COVID-19 pandemic as the two talked frequently about the divisions created by the virus and vaccinations. Together they puzzled over the information and disinformation being circulated. They were both amazed and saddened as people began to line up on opposite sides of this, and other issues facing our country and the world. Together they wondered how to create a space for people to begin to hear, listen, and appreciate one another again. Getting to Third Space with Lamar & Tom was born. 

Both Lamar and Tom have enjoyed interesting and fulfilling careers. Lamar’s professional resume includes being a youth minister, a licensed psychotherapist, a college administrator, and human resource director. Tom’s resume includes being a youth minister, a counselor, a program and executive director, and Founding Partner of Tenacious Change. 

Today Lamar is an accomplished photographer and Tom, when he isn’t busy with Tenacious Change, is a slightly better than mediocre golfer. Though they live half a continent apart, they grew up near each other in rural Iowa. They first met in high school and have been friends ever since. 

Besides double dating once or twice, this is not Lamar & Tom’s first collaboration. In the 1990’s they co-wrote a counseling book that was used as a text in several schools around the U.S. In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19pandemic, Tom interviewed Lamar in two videos you can see on the Tenacious Change YouTube Channel (Leading Through Trauma and Disruptive Events and Hard Lessons in Trauma and Disruption).

This is the inaugural podcast. Yes, they still have a lot to learn about the technical part of podcasting. Still, you are invited to listen and also send your comments and feedback. (Hint: If you listen on Spotify, you can even send us a voicemail message.) See what you think!

Getting to Third Space with Lamar & Tom is sponsored by Tenacious Change. 

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