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Really, I’ve had it with “buy-in.” A couple of days ago I got another email from a company that wants to train me on how to get people to “buy-in” to something. This time it was creating “buy-in” to take surveys. Frankly, I can’t think of anything more inhumane and disrespectful than learning how to manipulate people like this. Unless, of course, it is teaching others how to manipulate people to “buy-in” to something.

Look, Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach is a product we are selling. That’s the truth. Know up front, though, that we are not selling you “buy-in” based change. We don’t believe “buy-in” based change is ethical. We believe it does more damage than good. In fact, we’ve been known to go as far as to say that “buy-in” change should be an abomination to anyone who is trying to create meaningful change.

What is the alternative? It is ownership-based change. Ownership-based change means community members – and especially those most affected by the change – have meaningful participation in the change. It means they have a voice and a choice. It means they have made a conscious, free decision to become involved in the work of change. They recognize change requires “all hands-on deck.” They choose to show up and expect to participate in ways that are important and meaningful to them.

When people feel ownership of the change, they take pride in it, they take credit for it, and they do everything they can to protect it from “snapping back” to the way things were before. Ownership-based change creates an intensity of feeling and commitment that “buy-in” to change never can.

The Tenacious Change Approach teaches ownership-based change. We are selling this course because it is a research and evidence informed approach that represents years of development, testing, and refinement. We’ve invested a lot of time and resources to create instructional videos, written materials, and to host it on our e-learning platform. However, we don’t want you to purchase it uncritically (that’s too much like “buy-in” to suit us). We want you to check it out first to see if it fits you. If it does, you are welcome to purchase the course and we hope you will. We are offering this course because we believe in the ideas behind it. Even more, we believe the mindset shifts, principles, and core tasks will help you become a better changemaker for the greater good of all of us. If it doesn’t fit you, that’s okay too. We’ll even help you find something that does fit you from among our trusted partners.

You get:

  • 10 lessons, which include 10 streaming videos (20 min max length), each dedicated to a single Key Mindset and introduces and Essential Operating Principle and Core Task.
  • A 6-hour course that can be completed in a single day – like your own personal training event!
  • “Pause and Reflect” activities using the Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach Journal, a downloadable PDF which you can fill out online or print and complete by hand.
  • A private online learning community for connecting, networking, and sharing with others also working on community change.
  • Invitations to regular “Change Chats” with the developer, instructors, and guests.

Cost: Purchase lessons separately for $49 US each ($490 US total, if all purchased separately). For a limited time, to celebrate the opening of the course, you can buy the full course bundle of 10 lessons for $390 US, a $100 savings.

Tenacious Change Website is Changing!

We continue to do some updating and upgrading of our website. If you haven’t been there for a while, check it out here.

While you are there, check out our Consultation, Workshop, and Training page where you can learn about our core offerings and services. On the first page of that section, we offer some questions to help you think through what you need and how we can help. We also have an attractive PDF version of this section you can download, print, and share with others on your team or in your organization. 

Now, how can we help you make change happen for the greater good in your community or organization?

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