Networking, Peer Learning, and Inspired Community Change…with Sand and Sun!

Late October in Florida is beautiful! At the 2022 Community Change Experience we’ll be right on the beach where you can hang out with colleagues, or the new friends you’ve just met at the event, to talk about what you are learning together.

The 2022 Community Change Experience is a three-day event designed for community engagers, practitioners, and innovators from across North America to come together and share ideas, successes, and failures, and then apply this learning to community change work where they live.

The Experience is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer learning with a diverse learning community, and features:

  • Plenary discussions 
  • Immersive community experiences 
  • Interactive workshops
  • Artistic performances by local Palm Beach County artists
  • Food and celebration

Registration Cost

  • Individual: $795.00 US per person
  • Group: $695.00 US per person

The Program

During our time together we will learn from community changemakers and from one another about the mindsets and skills needed to create healthy and equitable societies and solve major community issues.

Check out the program here. Did you realize that most of Wednesday, October 26 will be a field trip into communities that are working together for change in a spirit of shared ownership and collective leadership? You will have your choice of an immersive experience at The Set in the City of Delray Beach, Lake Worth Beach, the Glades Region, and BeWellPBC.

The rest of the program includes plenaries, workshops, immersive community experiences, accountability groups, and coaching opportunities on: 

  • Shared Ownership: Deepen your understanding of co-creation, stewardship, and accountability. How do we need to think differently and what does it look like to bring these practices into the real work of community change?
  • Catalyzing Community-led Change: Expand your knowledge and skills for cultivating and increasing participation in dynamic, complex community change efforts through collective sensemaking, moving insights into action, shifting power, and collaborative decision-making.
  • Analyzing Skillsets: Explore the skillsets needed for community changemakers to lead change in our communities. We will work to understand the practices of collective impact, collaborative leadership, community engagement, community innovation, and evaluating impact.
  • The Role of Hope: Increase appreciation for the role of hope in community change and learn how to foster and to build and sustain momentum.

The Setting

The Community Change Experience is happening in Delray Beach, Florida, in Palm Beach County, at the beautiful oceanside Opal Grand. Our on-site host is Palm Health Foundation, a recent winner of the Culture of Health Prize for its community-based change work, from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Co-hosting the event are the EJS Project (Delray Beach, Florida); Tamarack Institute (Waterloo, Ontario); and Tenacious Change (Laurel, Maryland).

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet other community changemakers from near and far and to participate in both group and peer-to-peer learning with a diverse learning community.

10 Lessons. 6 Hours. Real Change.

On September 7th Tenacious Change launches the streaming video course, Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach.

Individual lessons will sell for $49 US each but the full course of 10 lessons is $390 US when purchased as a bundle. This is a full $100 savings off the individual price. 

Plus, we will have an introductory special.

For a limited time, when you purchase and complete an individual lesson for $49, you can apply the single purchase price toward the full bundle price

Check back next week for the “Grand Opening” of the course!

Two Minutes with Tom: Mindsets Matter at Tenacious Change

There’s Just One More Thing!

Watch the full 20-minute overview video on YouTube!

For Captions, click on the “CC” logo.

Pass It On!

We are trying to get the word out about the Community Change Experience as well as our new video course, Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach, and, of course, our services. Please share this post and invite others in your network to take a look. Thanks!

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