Ownership-based Change

Each week, until we launch the full Getting Started with the Tenacious Change Approach streaming video course on September 1, we’ll be featuring a brief (about thirty seconds) video on one of the ten essential operating principles. This week it’s Ownership-based Change.

Now, take just a few minutes more to watch the full 20-minute overview “sneak preview” video. If you prefer, you can watch it on our online learning platform. Wherever you watch it, you’ll hear more about Ownership-based Change and its fundamental role in the Tenacious Change Approach. You’ll also learn more about our theory of change and the people behind the Tenacious Change Approach.

Also check out…

…the updated listing of consultation, workshop, and training engagements and services on the Tenacious Change website. While you are there, download and share a hard-copy with your colleagues. (Of course, you can just send them the website URL, eh?)

Registration is Now Open for the Community Change Experience

This event is shaping up to be one that change makers won’t want to miss. Click on the image to visit the event’s website. Updates are added regularly.

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