Happy New Year and, uh, Hacky New Year

Tom Klaus here for Tenacious Change.

Well, this is embarrassing and a bit irritating. For the New Year, we got hacked. First, it was the Tenacious Change internet-based business phone number (via Skype). Long story. That led to the loss of our business Twitter account. Longer story.

Here’s what you need to know to update our information in your contact list and to make sure we can stay in touch. 


  • Hacked phone number, now disconnected, was: 1-240-319-8525 – please discard this one.
  • The new business line is now: 1-240-583-1754 – please save for calls and texting. (You can also still reach Tom on his mobile phone at 571-241-7583.)


  • The hacked Twitter account: @TenaciousChg – this one might come back. Update: It did come back…finally. It will remain open we will be posting first on the new Twitter account (below).
  • New Twitter account is now: @TenaciousChng – notice there is only one letter difference in the account name.

Nothing else was hacked.

We have spent the early days of 2022 updating websites, social media accounts, membership profiles, etc., etc. Still, in case we missed something, I wanted to make sure you had this information. Thank you for updating your contact list entry for Tenacious Change, and for me, Tom Klaus, with this latest information.

Also, just to make sure all was good, we went through our MailChimp account to check that our lists (subscribers, contacts, and unsubscribed) were all accurate.

It could have been worse, right? If you don’t mind, show us some love at this moment and follow us on Twitter at our new place and remember, that’s @TenaciousChng (with an “n”). 

Now, on to a Happier New Year!

Stay safe, be well, keep calm, keep washing your hands, keep wearing your mask, and keep striving for justice, peace, and health for all.


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