The Mission of a Lifetime: A Holiday Gift of Hope

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to move out of our personal and professional comfort zones to try new things. Actually, lots of new things. Mask wearing, elbow or fist bumping, estimating six feet (or two meters) for social distancing, using Zoom, ordering groceries or carryout, and patience are among some of the new personal skills we’ve had to learn.

Professionally we have had to learn new skills too. One of things we’ve been doing at Tenacious Change is making a lot of videos. In fact, since the pandemic, we have made nearly 30 videos for educational and training purposes. We slipped into a genre of video that we call Change Maker Conversations, and which are available on our YouTube Channel. They have proven to be a lot of fun and very inspirational. The latest of these features a 92-year-old woman who works in community health and still goes to work every day. Her name is Louise Lex, and she is a health planner with the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Louise Lex, PhD

We have decided to release this video now in the midst of the holidays because of the perspective Louise offers. It is a perspective of hope. How she talks about her career and what she has learned reminds us that change is always with us and that the arc of change is always toward the good. Yes, there are setbacks. Yes, the pace of change can be so much slower than what we like. However, the arc of change is one that is more often moving forward than back.

This Change Maker Conversation with Louise Lex is titled The Mission of a Lifetime. It is our gift to you this holiday season.

If you have a one minute more, here is a brief holiday greeting from us to you.

See you in 2022!

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