On Trust, Change, and Ownership

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I had a lot of positive responses to the recent interview I did with Sharna Fabiano, author of Lead and Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork. While the video has gotten a number of views, viewership is only one way to assess value. More importantly, I have received notes from several people referencing the interview with Sharna.

I am grateful for those responses and so is Sharna.

Recently Sharna and I connected again via video but this time she interviewed me for her Lead and Follow Podcast. It was a lively, fun 48-minute conversation that ran the gamut from followership to relational trust to ownership of change. You can listen to that podcast here.

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If you hear anything in Sharna’s podcast that you’d like to learn more about, you can text me at 240- 583-1754‬ or email me at info@tenaciouschange.us.

By Tom Klaus

My name is Tom Klaus and I am the founder and president of Tenacious Change. I am convinced the secret to almost any good thing happening among people is relational trust. Want to be loved by your spouse, children, and family? Want to work well with others? Want to be an effective leader? Want to help your neighborhood, community, state, or country change for the good? Want world peace...actually, peace with anyone? Building relational trust is when fear, animosity, conflict, and the status quo begins to transform into cooperation, respect, collaboration, peace, and working together for social change and the greater good of all. A good day for me is when I can help social profit, nonprofit, and public leaders and their organizations grasp the importance of relational trust, let it guide their decision making, and inform their strategy. This is just one of the ways that I am animating and equipping leaders, organizations, and communities to lead change for the greater good. Tenacious Change is about changing forward into a future that prioritizes the greater good for all. We can do this better together. Come on along!

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