Tango, Teamwork, and Spanish!

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One of these things is not like the other…or are they all connected? Hmmmm…

Tango, Teamwork, Leading and Following

Just posted on the Tenacious Change YouTube channel is a new change maker conversation with Sharna Fabiano, MFA. Sharna is an internationally recognized tango artist. She has applied what she has learned and taught about tango to what it means to work in partnership in teams. You’ll enjoy meeting Sharna and the video. Take 39 minutes and 12 seconds to check it out!

Over the past year Tenacious Change has produced several other conversation videos on topics of interest to people working the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. More are in the works but here’s the current list:

Spanish Classes for Individuals and Teams Serving the Latino Community

Tenacious Change has partnered with Charlemos con Clemencia to offer low-cost group Spanish classes to people working to serve the Latino community. Teachers, public health workers, social workers, etc. have been benefiting from these classes now for two years. The Fall Session begins on October 4th but there is plenty of time to register.

Clemencia is Clemencia Vargas, a retired dentist and health disparities researcher and a forever public health enthusiast.  When she retired from the University of Maryland in 2019, she launched into her second career as a Spanish teacher. Her vision and goal with Charlemos con Clemencia is to increase the Spanish speaking capacity of those serving the Latino community. She is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia who has strengthened her language teaching skills through advanced training at major universities in both the United States and Spain.

This is a continuing partnership and not exactly new. Tom Klaus (Tenacious Change) and Clemencia Vargas are married to one another, and they are also ballroom dancers, include tango! Because both are interested in strengthening the capacity of organizations and their leaders to serve the Latino community, they decided to join up in this cause. They know how important it is to equip providers to work wisely, well, and compassionately with the Latino community. Take a look at the following video to learn more about the classes from Clemencia.

Classes for the Fall 2021 Session begin on October 4th. Please visit the Charlemos con Clemencia website to get complete information and register for classes. 

To Learn More about Tenacious Change visit: Tenacious Change: Unlocking the Potential of Collective Change Leadership at www.tenaciouschange.info

To get better acquainted with Tom Klaus, visit www.tomklausphd.com.

By Tom Klaus

My name is Tom Klaus and I am the founder and president of Tenacious Change. I am convinced the secret to almost any good thing happening among people is relational trust. Want to be loved by your spouse, children, and family? Want to work well with others? Want to be an effective leader? Want to help your neighborhood, community, state, or country change for the good? Want world peace...actually, peace with anyone? Building relational trust is when fear, animosity, conflict, and the status quo begins to transform into cooperation, respect, collaboration, peace, and working together for social change and the greater good of all. A good day for me is when I can help social profit, nonprofit, and public leaders and their organizations grasp the importance of relational trust, let it guide their decision making, and inform their strategy. This is just one of the ways that I am animating and equipping leaders, organizations, and communities to lead change for the greater good. Tenacious Change is about changing forward into a future that prioritizes the greater good for all. We can do this better together. Come on along!

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