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Yep, you’ve arrived! This is the blog for Tenacious Change.

However, this might not be what you were expecting, right? Recently we’ve been doing some “moving around” on the web. A little “hide and seek” but we are not actually trying to hide. You may have been looking for the Tenacious Change Approach or Tom Klaus, the founder and president of Tenacious Change LLC and the developer of the Tenacious Change Approach. For your convenience, here are the links to those sites:

The Tenacious Change Approach: Unlocking the Potential of Collective Change Leadership

Tom Klaus – Where you can learn more about Tom Klaus, his vision and mission, his focus on animating people, organizations, and whole communities to lead change for the greater good.

In the near future you’ll find articles and items related to the Tenacious Change Approach and Tom’s work. For now, though, we are just refreshing and reopening this space.

Stay tuned!

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