The Pay-It-Forward Mentor

Here is the second Just 1 Story Redux from 2018. As explained in my previous post, I started Just 1 Story in 2018 but had to suspend it to resolve hosting, insurance, and time issues. I’m thinking the time may be right to bring it back but, first, I wanted to reacquaint people with it. You can also learn more about Just 1 Story by visiting its web page here.

Dr. Jay Yanoff – The Pay-It-Forward Mentor

Jay Yanoff was on the threshold of declaring his accounting major in college…but it did not seem the right fit for him. His search for a new major resulted in a chance meeting that would change his major and his life. That chance meeting has even affected the lives of thousands of others. When you listen to Jay’s story, you will wonder: Is any life changing meeting really by chance…or is it by destiny?

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