The Leaf Painters’ Sister

In 2018 I started the Just 1 Story podcast. Each person has a story they tell which helps them more clearly understand who they are, where they come from, and where they are going on their journey of personal leadership and life. This podcast features some of those stories.

Cynthia Flynn – The Leaf Painters’ Sister

Cynthia Flynn is a research scientist. Her life has been devoted to the quest for learning and discovery. The most transformative quest has been the one that led her to explore her family, her heart, and to listen to two small voices.

Shortly after I started the podcast in 2018, I had to suspend it. First, I was way, way too busy to give the time needed to producing it. I had plenty of interviews but no time to edit them and put them together. Second, I ran into an insurance issue.

Oh, and there was one other little thing. My podcasting host was rerouting people to another podcast if they searched for this one. Sigh.

The insurance issue has been resolved and I’ve fixed things with the podcast hosting service. I still don’t know whether I really have enough time to produce the additional interviews, but I’m going to try because they are good, interesting, and fun. The upside of the confusion is that everything is now fixed and, with any luck, in the near future you’ll also be able to find the podcasts on Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Apple, etc.

Because the original two podcast interviews I had done were “lost in space” by my podcast hosting service, I’m re-running them in a couple of blog postings this week. And, by the way, in the future, when I have new podcasts they will first go out as blogs and you’ll also be able to link to them through my Just 1 Story web page.

The first is The Leaf Painter’s Sister featuring Cynthia Flynn and the second is The Pay-It-Forward Mentor featuring Jay Yanoff. This posts features Cynthia’s interview and the next will feature Jay’s.

I hope you enjoy the stories!

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