Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk: A Thought Provoking 19 Minutes

Several times over the past few days Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk “The Way We Think about Charity is Dead Wrong” has repeatedly popped up and I finally took a look.  It is well worth the nearly 19 minutes it takes to watch it. Dan makes a strong argument for freeing non-profits from some of the restrictions that differentiate non-profits from for-profits.  I like many of his ideas as they are intuitive and just make sense.  Not long ago I posted on the issue of sustainability and the role of community engagement.  Dan seems to be kicking the ball into the philanthropist’s court with this talk.  Sustainability is not an “either” raise a lot of funds “or” deeply engage the community proposition.  Both fundraising and community engagement are needed and, in fact, tend to go hand in hand.  Effective fundraising allows a non-profit to invest in broader and deeper community engagement and effective community engagement increases the likelihood of successful fundraising efforts.  While I continue to work on Part 2 of “When Collective Impact Isn’t,” take a look at Dan’s TED Talk and see what you think.

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Author: Tom Klaus

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